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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cytanium – A New Value Priced Hosting Option

CHARLOTTE, NC, January 20, 2011 —Cytanium, a web hosting service built on OrcsWeb’s Cloud Server architecture, launched its line of value priced Windows based web hosting plans. The Cytanium brand was originally built as a platform for developers to test the beta version of Microsoft’s WebMatrix.  Seeing the opportunity in the marketplace to develop and deliver a quality value priced web hosting product, Cytanium has added low priced hosting packages to its offerings.

Cytanium’s base web hosting plan comes with standard features that the small business and hobbyist will find meets the majority of their hosting needs - including ASP.NET, PHP, MVC, Razor, and support for IIS7 Remote Management and Microsoft's Web Deploy. Affordable upgrades and options are available to accommodate a client's specific project needs, including SQL Server and MySQL database hosting.  The Cytanium product is designed to appeal to the customer that is in need of reliable, value priced web hosting without the added cost of high-touch managed services.

Cytanium is pleased to have been chosen as one of Microsoft’s “Spotlighted” web hosting providers for their WebMatrix product.  “We are very excited that our Cytanium brand is one of the hosting providers that has been “Spotlighted” and recommended by Microsoft for their WebMatrix program.  OrcsWeb has always been and will continue to be an early adopter and supporter of new Microsoft programs and technologies.” said Brad Kingsley, OrcsWeb CEO and Founder.

For more information about or to sign-up for a hosting plan with Cytanium, please visit

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