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Friday, February 25, 2011


via Tech Support Forums - by dark shader on 2/25/11

Hello there....I`ve got a nice nittle 7950GX2 here, but it looks like it doenst want to work properly.... Everytime i try to install a driver.. I get a black screen before the installation is finished..and after that im not able to boot windows anymore, without disabling one of the two cores. I tries the forceware 96.85 vista driver on my win 7 and it worked, but only one gpu was it seems like, everytime the integrated SLI is activated, the card gives a black screen.....ive got the 266. driver now..and all the same....if it is using the ASUS p5N-D board, which is a full sli board and shouldnt have problems with the gpu`s.....can anyone help?

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