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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Web Hosting - Though Eye-Catching, But Distasteful

Newer and newer services are emerging every passing day, making it possible for you to build and maintain your blog or a a whole website with no money to be paid. Moreover, you also need not bother to buy a domain name, and there is no registration fee too. The service does not ask for any monthly hosting fee, simply nothing. With ready available templates, it takes literally a few minutes to paste your web page onto the net. There you are, connected with the whole world through your own website --- in a jiffy! Feel as free as a bird. Updating your site, too, is like a child's play, so keep hurling newer and fresh information into the pages any time of your own choice, as frequently as you wish --- before you bang it shut after a few days! It may sound distasteful, but free web hosting will do more damage than any good. I call it mere existence on the net with no worth or any strength. If something eventually will harm your goals, why not avoid it at the very outset when everything's within your control.

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