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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Know More CubeCart

via Web Server Hosting Knowledge base by bodhost on 2/17/11

CubeCart is a ecommerce software for creating online shopping carts. The software is designed to run on servers which have PHP & MySQL installed. Cubecart is easy to use, efficient and fast enough so useres can set up their online stores and start selling their products worldwide within a short span of time.

CubeCart has several features which makes it possible to create a very functional online store. Its highly customizable so you can design your own store to best reflect your brand. You can upload a bulk product inventory without any hasels. You can easily integrate your CubeCart with a merchant account to easily and efficiently accept credit card payments. Once you install the supporting module, it will be easy for your customers to buy products and make payments through their credit/debit cards. Its important that you purchase a competent hosting product to get the most out of CubeCart’s several tools and modules.

Here are some of the key features of CubeCart:

Professionally Security Audited.

SEO support & email Marketing
Supports PayPal and Google Checkout.

Valid XHTML & CSS Templates.

Coupon & Gift Certificates

Multi Currency & Language Support

Inventory Stock Control

Digital and Tangible Goods Support

Easy Integrations With Shipping & Payment Merchants

CubeCart has a “plug and play” module system with many of the most popular shipping, payment and affiliate integrations used by merchants.

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