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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dell XPS 600 RAM Problems?

via Tech Support Forums - by Ryuzaki61 on 2/24/11

Hey all, I've had a Dell XPS 600 for about seven or so years or so, and it had been unusable for two years, until a couple weeks ago. My dad had messed with the registry and everything went crashing down with the SP3 Update of Windows XP, and a reinstall of Windows XP wouldn't work, as the install disk I had wasn't compatible with my FAT32 hard drive.

But anyway, that's just some simple background. I've recently upgraded the computer to Windows 7, which recognizes the hard drive and runs with it just fine. However, the computer will now blue screen or simply crash programs at times. I have seen a trend with it crashing in that it does so when under some intensive use-- playing Minecraft and running several browser tabs at once, for instance.

I did a quick few searches for common problems and found that the most probable one for me would be a RAM one. I downloaded the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, burned the image to a CD, and ran it on the XPS. As expected, it failed every test during every pass.

The favor that I'm asking you all is a sort of guideline to help make sure that the faulty RAM diagnosis is correct and maybe to define a more specific problem before opening the computer up. I'm fairly sure that guides to replacing RAM wouldn't be too hard to find via Google, but once I've got the problem figured out, if you all could point me in the direction of compatible RAM lists and replacement guides, that'd be great too.


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