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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Search and Download Video and Audio from YouTube using a free application

via by Manav Mishra on 2/24/11

YouTube is the best way to get loads and loads of Free music, let it be videos, audio, ring tones etc. this single website alone is efficient enough to suffice all of them. The only issue involved here is choice of application to download these videos or just the audio from these videos.

Here is an awesome free desktop application to download videos or only the audio from YouTube, known as YouTube Song Downloader.

Free Application to Download Video and Audio from YouTube

The best part of this application, is that you can search for a Video on YouTube directly from the interface of the application, select the one from the search results by clicking on it, you find the buttons to start the video download or just the audio for it, also there is a button which allows you download both audio and video in one go. Also on the results, there is a play button, using which you can play that particular video in a new window; this window too has all the options of downloading. Also you can find the ‘Settings’ on the left panel, to select the quality of mp3 downloads, file format for videos and much more.

No doubt, there are several ways to download YouTube, right from browser extensions to desktop applications, but I rate this Ablesofts YouTube Song Downloader above them for the reason that you can search from the interface which generally isn’t available for other such applications, browser extensions work well most of the time, but at times I have seen them behaving absurdly, in my opinion, this is the best way to search and download videos and audios from YouTube, go ahead and give it a try, share your views about it with us.

Download YouTube Song Downloader

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