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Friday, February 25, 2011

GTX 460 OC vs. 8800 GTX win XP

via Tech Support Forums - by vincentgustav on 2/25/11


I recently purchased a 460 GTX OC for my pc which is 4ish years old. Previous to this card (which I haven't rec'd through the mail yet) I have been using a 8800 gtx and have been happy with it. What I am wondering is if there is any benefit to having a 460 GTX OC on win xp over a 8800 gtx. I know that the 460 gtx oc can utilize direct x 11, however, seeing as XP only lets me use direct x 9 I am not sure what the other benefits would be. I understand the basics regarding computer tech, however, I get lost in some of the technical jargon so a simple answer would be appreciated :)

I am wondering if I will see graphical improvements/performance improvements with the 460 gtx oc
or if I would only be seeing a difference on a windows 7 direct x 11 computer?

Thanks for the help,


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