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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wireless Networking questions.

via Tech Support Forums - by shadow25 on 2/27/11

Hey all!

I never paid much attention to my aging networking hardware. I bought a 4TB NAS, and need to upgrade my wireless equipment to avoid waits when transferring files.

My current router is a NetGear WNDR3400, simultaneous dual band 2.4ghz/5ghz 802.11N router. The built in switch is a 10/100MBPS. Ugh.. Wish I would've thought about gigabit when buying the router.

Here are my transfer speeds depending on Network Settings

Transfer Speed - (Band - Transfer Rating per Router Settings Page assuming N/G difference)

7.5MB/s - 5Ghz, up to 300Mbps
4.2-5.2MB/s - 2.4Ghz, up to 300Mbps
2.4-3.3MB/s - 2.4Ghz, up to 54Mbps

Using a Bandwidth calculator (Bandwidth conversion calculator |, it seems the transfers are

7.5MB/s - 5Ghz, 300Mbps - 60mbps
4.2-5.2MB/s - 2.4Ghz, 300Mbps - (33.6mbps - 41.6mbps)
2.4-3.3MB/s - 2.4Ghz, 54Mbps - (19.2mbps - 26.2mbps)

Of course, these measurements might be a *bit* off due to background processes, ect.

I highly suspect the reason the 2.4Ghz band is slower is due to the amount of 2.4ghz networks around me. All my PCs will connect via the 5Ghz band or Ethernet, so I'm not too concerned about that. I do still need a 2.4ghz band for older equipment, so I have to use a simultaneous dual band router, but speed won't be important for any client o the 2.4ghz band.

I would ideally like to get my Wireless transfer up to at least 12-15mbps transfer on the 5ghz band. It seems like my bottleneck could be that the router is 10/100mbps, not 1gbps.

Would switching to a gigabit router (yes, the NAS has a gigabit interface) that has 802.11n on the 5Ghz band give me the most bandwidth to mess with? Hopefully it would speed up the transfer rate a bit.

Also, could someone recommend a good DD-WRT simultaneous dual band router? They are hard to find! I'm not a huge fan of Linksys products, so I would like to avoid the E3000 if possible.

Sorry if this seems like a huge incoherent rambling, and thanks for any advice!

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