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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tips for Finding the Best SEO Companies to Outsource Your Projects

via Gadget Cage by Om Thoke on 2/22/11

seo company 222x300 Tips for Finding the Best SEO Companies to Outsource Your ProjectsIf you’ve been looking to outsource your projects at low cost, but not sure about the best SEO companies to outsource your work, then here are some handy tips to help you out in this process.

Basically, you can rely upon any good SEO company located in any corner of the world, if they know what they’re doing.

However, the bad news is that not all the SEO companies know how to get high SERP rankings ethically, and the consequences of using Black Hat SEO. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to monitor the progress of your project, and ensure that they’re not doing anything hanky-panky.

I’ve been writing SEO tips on this blog for a while, so I thought I’d share my journey as an SEO professional, and Managing Director of Webfosys Networks Pvt Ltd, and give tips to choose an SEO provider.

Few years back, I had outsourced my requirements to an Indian SEO company (I won’t take the name, but it starts with ‘A’ – and I’m going to refer it as Ad*** I****), and they looked quite promising when I got the quote.

However, to my dismay I discovered that the quality of their content writing was far below the average, or perhaps even the least that you could expect.

Secondly, they were trying to build links to my site from link farms, and spammy directories; I realized that this was really going to get my blog banned in search engines, and I had to call off the project right away.

seo white 550x280 Tips for Finding the Best SEO Companies to Outsource Your Projects

Next, I tried looking for other Indian SEO providers as they’re far cheaper than the American counterparts, but I realized that most of them didn’t know what they were doing. At that time, I used to provide content writing services on a smaller scale as a part time writer, but never bothered to deal with big projects since I was working as a software developer in an IT company.

In 2008, I decided to start an SEO company – Webfosys Networks Pvt Ltd with the intention to change the mind-set of US/UK clients that the Indian SEO providers do a bad job, and don’t really know what they’re dealing with.

In the last 3 years, I’ve done hundreds of projects on various niches, and achieved Page1 google SERP rankings for thousands of keywords ethically, without using any kind of BlackHat SEO.

I’ve got a big-enough clientele already, and for the past 1.5years I’ve never bothered to bid on new projects, or find new clients, which is why, I’ve never bothered to optimize the corporate website for keywords like best Indian SEO provider that may bring in more customers.

Furthermore, I didn’t really bother about the design of the site, as our main area of expertise is content writing and SEO, rather than web design, and programming (although we do provide WP theme customization support, and web design services such as banner design).

Over the next 6months, I’ve decided to SEO our corporate site, and do a crunchy design for it, so that it really reflects the level of our professionalism, and even set-up toll-free support numbers, as well as do some promotions locally, as well as over the internet.

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