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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Huge Donation to GeoHot from Microsoft

Recently, George Hotz asked for donations to cover his legal fee. Well, it’s a well known fact that he has indeed racked up enough money to pay his lawyers from donations; however, Microsoft may have played a huge part in GeoHot getting the fees he needed to defend himself against Sony in court.

The information comes from a source close to the matter who must remain anonymous that in an attempt to help George win his case, and thus making it legal to hack the PlayStation 3, the company anonymously donated a large lump of cash so he could cover his court fees; remember: only 2 days had passed after Hotz requested the money and then received all of the money.

Of course, we’ve already seen Microsoft openly inviting George to jailbreak the Windows Phone 7 so the reported shrewd move from Microsoft seen above may indeed be true.

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