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Saturday, March 5, 2011

8 Best Tips for Increasing your Blog Readers

via Gadget Cage by Amit Bhawani on 3/1/11

blog traffic boost 8 Best Tips for Increasing your Blog ReadersIf you have a blog then you will surely love to get some tips on how you can pull the readers in the form of traffic to your site. In the Internet world where we have more than 100million blogs, it becomes evident that you need to try something different which other blog lacks so as to go ahead of that blog in terms of ranking and other aspects like traffic etc. So, below are some of the effective tips which if followed then guaranteed results can be obtained in increasing the traffic by increasing blogs Readership.

8 Best Tips for Increasing your Blog Readers and also Blog Traffic

#1. Post articles often

  • There should be a systematic updating of blogs with relevant articles like once in a day or twice in a day so that readers will arrive to your site and will check out on what’s there in your blog but if you don’t update the site regularly then readers won’t turn out due to lack of new content due to which the ranking will be severely affected.

#2. Submit articles to Search Engines

  • Whenever you write any blog or an article, it’s very important to submit your blog to the different search engines like Google and Yahoo as these engines provide you a submit link so as to notify the search engines about your new article on the blog and also simply submitting the blog to the search engine won’t mean that you page will rank in the search engine but at least your blog will be included and will have the chance of being picked up by a search engine.

#3. Make use of Blog Roll

  • Make sure that you add links in the blog roll, by doing this the owners of these blogs will be able to find their blog and will be adding the reciprocal link in their blog rolls.
  • This technique is basically the easiest way to get the link to your blog in front of many readers on other blogs.

#4. Reply to the comments

  • This is one of the important aspects wherein many of the blogs don’t track as this is quite a bit of time consuming and also you will have to sometimes solve the issues of the readers.
  • If you promptly respond to the comments then the readers will surely be delighted and will come back so as to get full information on the topic and problem.

blog traffic 8 Best Tips for Increasing your Blog Readers

#5. Make use of RSS Feed

  • Not to forget, writing only articles won’t just help, but also you will have to set up an RSS feed button on your blog which then makes it easier for the loyal readers to share the same story to the friends but also when new content is published your friends will know about it.

#6. Tag the posts

  • After you finish writing an article, there will be an option in the blog where in you can tag the important key words which are being talked about in the article.
  • This tagging helps search engines to grab the content which then ranks in the search engines.

#7. Make use of Images and Videos

  • Images last longer than words which are read, so in any of the article try to use as many images as you can as this will keep readers delighted.
  • Be it a tutorial or any launches everyone loves watching images and videos, so make sure that you add these wherever it is relevant.

#8. Socialize the blogs

  • Last but not the least it’s very important to make use of many socializing platforms like twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, Reddit etc. as this one will help spreading the words about the latest article on your blog which will surely attract the readers who still haven’t become the readers of your blog.
  • So, this helps in pulling the first time readers, with several retweets in twitter and Likings by the friends on facebook this one will surely do the trick of attracting readers to your blog.

Thus this article explains us the 8 Best Tips for Increasing your Blog Readers which in turn increases the Blog Traffic.

Amit Bhawani is a professional blogger, who writes at several blogs and an adviser about web hosting at the Web hosting reviews blog. Check the cPanel hosting companies that list out the best cPanel hosting providing solutions.

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