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Saturday, March 12, 2011

6 Essential SEO On-Page Optimization Tips – Series II

via Gadget Cage by Siddartha on 3/9/11

on page seo 300x276 6 Essential SEO On Page Optimization Tips Series IIBy now, you would have learnt some of the basics of SEO On-Page Optimization from first post, there is little more small deeds that you can do to improve and work on your SEO to deliver an intoxicating SEO page.

Discussed here are some of the small deeds that you can do to improve the on-page SEO of your article, of course some of them listed here are high level aspect as well i.e. not dealing with optimizing your page alone.

6 Essential SEO On-Page Optimization Techniques for Best Results – Part II

1. Use of Alt-text Efficiently to Images:

  • This is a small thing that can come in handy with SEO optimization giving no room for missing any chances when the images are not viewed or disabled by the web browsers.
  • Apart from giving alt-name to the images, using keywords in the file name will increase the SEO optimization, especially when there is an image search.
  • Use the keyword for Alt text when you add the image in your post so that when a search is made in yours get listed first.

2. Keyword Density:

  • When writing your articles see that you do not overuse the keywords in the name of SEO optimization, that in the end, you will land up with articles having only keywords with no useful information.
  • This is not SEO optimization and there is no point in gaining higher rankings, if your reader finds that your content is not useful for them.
  • I would suggest keeping an eye on your keyword density as it should not exceed 3%.

on page seo 1 550x268 6 Essential SEO On Page Optimization Tips Series II

3. Target unique keywords:

  • When you are trying to gain your article SEO optimized using keywords that are not unique is not valuable, as you need to realize that more specific the keyword is the more targeted search results will be provided in the end by the web crawlers.
  • So make sure you target in some unique keywords rather than competing with high competitive keywords, be smart.

4. Internal Linking:

  • Internal linking will involve cross-linking of your own old articles which will do much more good in the context of SEO optimizing and increasing the page views and impressions.
  • Google also values your internal linking so make sure you add only your targeted keywords as links and not any others, alias anything done too much here will definitely affect your rankings so never over do this.

5. Manual Description for Meta Tags:

  • Meta tag description is usually found in the head section of the HTML page, which is essential for keyword search and a good SE optimized blog as in the case of permalinks.
  • The main purpose of meta-tag description is to increase the click-through rate of your blog post from the search engine results.
  • It is always better to add these Meta Tags though Google claims this is not taken into consideration these days.

6. Write unique and informative articles:

  • What you need are articles that do not beat around the bush, as this will not allow the reader to engross in to your article.
  • Be careful, that too many vague articles will only spoil your reputation as a blogger.
  • This way you will also be avoiding duplicating and copying contents, remember we are here for readers and not for spiders.

There is nothing much more that you can do for search engine OnPage Optimization for your page.

Hope you all would have found the series useful. Comments are always appreciated!!

This is a Guest Post By Praveen Sivaraman from TechPerk, you can check few of his posts Apple Tv and adblock plus chrome.

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