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Saturday, March 12, 2011

5 Satisfactory Alternatives To LimeWire

via Gadget Cage by Siddartha on 3/10/11

limewire alternative 5 Satisfactory Alternatives To LimeWireIn this article, we are going to deal with P2P softwares that are considered as best alternative to LimeWire. LimeWire has been fun while it lasted, but seven months after the peer-to-peer file-sharing service was defeated in federal court, its company is preparing to shut down, because of this LimeWire Prepares to Close Its Doors.

LimeWire has undergone many consequences over past few months, as a result the P2P users especially LimeWire fans had bit depressing movements which lead them to search for Satisfactory LimeWire Alternative. Don’t worry, your search is going to end here.

P2P Computing software is one of the revolutionary program that enables the distribution of apps between the peers by giving them the equal importance, such that a peer will be acting as host and the other peers will be downloading, but it is not fixed the only one peer should host the information, each and every peer in the network.

So, if you are searching for best alternative for LimeWire P2P software, here are the best LimeWire Alternatives

  1. BitTorrent
  2. Shareaza
  3. FrostWire
  4. Vuze
  5. Ares

5 Satisfactory Alternatives to LimeWire

#1. BitTorrent

  • BitTorrent the best many to many file sharer software which splits the files into small packets which allows people to share same files simultaneously, which enables downloading the stuff without waiting.
  • BitTorrent is considered as No.1 LimeWire Alternative which is definitely going to satisfy your need and makes you forget about LimeWire for sure.

bit torrent 550x392 5 Satisfactory Alternatives To LimeWire

#2. Shareaza

  • Shareaza allows us to connect with Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, and BitTorrent networks and also it has inbuilt Media player for audio and video formats with other features like chat client and also enables us to schedule the transfers.
  • Shareaza is yet another Peer-to-Peer software which can reasonably replace LimeWire and considered as satisfactory Alternative to LimeWire.

shareaza pro 550x416 5 Satisfactory Alternatives To LimeWire

#3. FrostWire

  • FrostWire just appears like sibling to LimeWire when it comes to usage and built-in structure and is fully compatible with iTunes as well. It is also available for various operating systems including Windows, Linuz, Mac and supports Android as well.
  • FronstWire is free, Fast and is Gnutella based client which is having BitTorrent functionality in it. FrostWire is considered as best Alternative to LimeWire.

FrostWire 5 Satisfactory Alternatives To LimeWire

#4. Vuze

  • Vuze is relevant to BitTorrent based client with excitingly loaded features like HD Video Player, drag & drop functionality for iPhone, iPods, PSP and Androids as well. It is also highly secured which is free from adware, spyware and other virus attacks as well.
  • Vuze is perfect program that can replace your love towards LimeWire and its one of the most eligible LimeWire alternative.

Vuze 5 Satisfactory Alternatives To LimeWire

#5. Ares

  • Ares is one of the mose recommended P2P software app which is based on Gnutella Network like few other apps which were mentioned above. It enables you the free access to massive community. Just Search and download any file shared by users. It also consists of chat rooms or host your channels as well as meet new friends.
  • Ares is also considered as best alternative that can replace the position of LimeWire.

ares 550x412 5 Satisfactory Alternatives To LimeWire

Few other P2P clients available like WinMX, eMule, MP3 Rocket beta, Usenet, SABnzbd+, BEARSHARE as these are considered as Tip of the Hill, there used to be innumerable number of P2P clients which are assumed as LimeWire Alternatives. These 5 P2P softwares were efficient and considered as best Alternative to LimeWire.

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