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Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 Best Magazine Style Themes for Your Blog

via Gadget Cage by ST on 2/23/11

This guest post is written by Saksham Talwar who blogs at BloggingJunction.Com where he shares blogging tips and shares occasional commentluv enabled blogs.

bmain 300x200 5 Best Magazine Style Themes for Your BlogMagazine style themes for your blog make it more attractive, appealing and organized making it user-friendly for the readers and visitors of your website. Thus, choosing one of those themes for your blog will be a real big help in building on the web traffic, increasing the number of visitors and readers for your blog. Listed here are one of the prominent magazine style themes on various blogging platforms like WordPress, problogger and much more.

# 1. Hybrid News Magazine Theme

  • Hybrid News Magazine Style Theme was designed for a Hybrid News Magazine style to work well on WordPress user interface.
  • This theme was developed on the intention or notion for making their news site a real possibility.
  • Some of the interesting features of this theme will include, an exclusive collection of widgets and apps to support, double navigation menus, drop-down menu options, a featured slider and everything that you will need for a blog that will make monetizing an easy job done.

Hybrid News Magazine Theme 550x740 5 Best Magazine Style Themes for Your Blog

# 2. Rebel Magazine Theme

  • Rebel Magazine Theme was the most popular and hottest theme being downloaded for blogging on WordPress.
  • The features that you can expect on this theme will include a free magazine style, ready to use widgets, two columns and banner ad integration.
  • If you want, more you may have to register. Rather another option is to download the heaps of widgets that WordPress offers for their bloggers.

Rebel Magazine Theme 550x778 5 Best Magazine Style Themes for Your Blog

# 3. Ashford Magazine Theme

  • Ashford Magazine Theme is the predecessor of the Pro version and Axis version, which is built on the number of features that you will otherwise find in the Pro and Axis version.
  • As you can find many of these widgets on WordPress, this theme designed for WordPress to meet the demands of your blogging website, I think is worth trying the Ashford Magazine theme, and you can always on a later date buy those Premium Pro or the Axis theme!

Ashford Magazine Theme 5 Best Magazine Style Themes for Your Blog

# 4. Alpha Blogger Magazine Styled Theme

  • Alpha Blogger Magazine Styled Theme is a magazine style template for Alpha blogger theme, which is also adapted for WordPress.
  • The theme comes with three columns, a right sidebar, magazine styled and neutral colors that make this theme much more appealing and user-friendly.

Alpha Blogger Magazine Styled Theme 5 Best Magazine Style Themes for Your Blog

#5. Grid Focus Blogger Magazine Theme

  • Grid Focused Designed Magazine Theme that is based on a grid based appearance, which is more easily customizable with a welcoming column layout, an incredible navigation features and integrated links for home, main-content and blog feeds.
  • This theme was redesigned from the original Derek Punsalan WordPress theme.

Grid Focus Blogger Magazine Theme 550x399 5 Best Magazine Style Themes for Your Blog

Thus, these are the best 5 blogging template themes that you can adopt one based on your blogging platform and the money that you are ready to invest on.

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