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Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 Facebook Security Settings to Stay Safe!

via Gadget Cage by Siddartha on 2/24/11

Facebook security 300x250 3 Facebook Security Settings to Stay Safe!The Security Issues on Facebook were increasing, the best example is recent Facebook hack of Mark Zuckerberg’s Fan Page. So, Facebook being the Top Social Networking site which still reflects its helplessness inorder to secure our Profiles.

This raises the question “how safe are you?”

In this Article, Im going to discuss the 3 Best Security Measures that we need to follow on Facebook to stay Safe.

#1. Your Personal Information that your Friends Can Share with others

  • In Facebook applications like Games, Groups and other apps, your friends can share your personal details like your bio, mail id, photos, interests and other details even if you don’t use these apps.
  • In order to prevent your friends to share, Switch to Account->Privacy Settings->Apps and Websites, then click Edit Settings next to Info accessible through our friends and make sure you uncheck the uncheck unnecessary boxes.

facebook security issue 3 Facebook Security Settings to Stay Safe!

#2. Remove Yourself from Google

  • Currently Facebook gets huge traffic by displaying the user profiles in the Search Engines. Though it wont display entire profile, but it is limited to your profile picture, friend list, button to add you as a friend, button to send you a message and also displays the list of fan pages that you are the member of.
  • In order to block your Facebook profile’s visibility on Google, switch to Privacy Settings Page and you have to turn-off the public search listing by just unchecking the checkbox next to the phrase “Create a public Search listing for me and submit it for Search Engine Indexing”.

facebook search engine profile view 550x257 3 Facebook Security Settings to Stay Safe!

#3. Remote Sign-Out

  • If you forget to sign-out from your Facebook profile at college or other work places, don’t worry Facebook now allows you to Log-off from your profile with remote Sign-Out option.
  • In order to enable Remote Sign-Out option for your Facebook account, Switch to Account Settings->Account Security. Then you will receive a notification message via SMS or your mail when a new or foreign computer or mobile devices logs into your account.
  • You are also allowed to view the details of recent session like time, location, device that is accessing your account, and if you find anything suspecious you can end the session to logout of that location.

remote log off 3 Facebook Security Settings to Stay Safe!

There are many other Facebook Security Settings that which will definitely help you to stay safe and protect your Private Data.

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