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Saturday, March 5, 2011

OM’s Tuesday SEO Special : Cool SEO Tips for Entertainment Niche

via Gadget Cage by Om Thoke on 2/21/11

We are back again with our Tuesday SEO Special from Mr.Om Thoke. Every Tuesday, you’ll get to learn some of the best SEO tips that will help you in improving the visibility of your blog in eyes of search engines, and in turn help in boosting up your SERP rankings.

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Speed Up Your Blogger Blog 300x300 OM’s Tuesday SEO Special : Cool SEO Tips for Entertainment NicheAfter a long break, we’re back with our series of SEO tips, and this time around I’m going to share some tips specific to entertainment niche. Actually, I’ve had a hard time optimizing two of my entertainment related blogs and an online lifestyle and fashion tips magazine.

Before this, I had optimized hundreds of blogs in automotive niche, and even on blogging tips and making money online blogging, but I realized that dealing with entertainment niche is far too difficult.

Basically, the searches change on daily basis, and by the time you see anything in keyword tracking tools, those keywords become outdated, and don’t really help you in getting a good deal of traffic.

This is when I realized that you need to rely more on Google Smart suggestions for finding the right keywords to target, especially in case of entertainment niche.

First thing you need to do is to cover at least 4-5 stories of similar topic; for example the same celebrity – say Scarlett Johansson and then build some nice content with lot of attractive images.

Remember, Google image search is going to give you whole lot of traffic in entertainment niche, but the sad part is that it’s not going to be targeted traffic, and won’t help much in boosting the revenues; nonetheless it can always help in boosting up the traffic stats.

Another bad news is that you’re going to almost get pennies with AdSense in entertainment niche, but you can easily get 4-5k/day steady traffic just by optimizing 4-5 pages!

money labyrinth OM’s Tuesday SEO Special : Cool SEO Tips for Entertainment Niche

The key is ranking well for images, and targeting 4-5 similar longtail keywords, and then a primary keyword suggested by WordTracker or any keyword tracking tool for that matter.

Having done that, you should do some forum posting, and drop comments on blogs of same niche, and even build some links from article directories too.

Furthermore, do try to boost up Alexa traffic rank of your blog too; it can greatly help in getting high SERP rankings.

Within a month’s time, you’ll see fantastic results, and you’ll be easily able to drive 5k-10k/day traffic to your blog, provided it’s a year-old blog already (yes age of your blog does matter to counter the Google sandbox effect).

Do drop your comments to share your thoughts and post your queries as ever before.

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