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Saturday, March 5, 2011

6 Reasons Why Your Blog May be Destined for Failure

via Gadget Cage by weightlosstriumph on 3/3/11

You might be wondering why your blog is not performing well, though you are working hard as other do. Then you are into right place. This article deals with Reasons why your blog may be destined to failure and why your blog is not performing well.

arrogant kid 300x220 6 Reasons Why Your Blog May be Destined for FailureWell, read further if you do not understand and realize that you do not get rich and self-sufficient by blogging overnight, and will require lot of perseverance and patience. Blogging is like sailing on a ship via ocean, at theleast where you will know when you will reach your destination. Never fear that you will lose in this, as you read through you will find yourself doing the right thing so that you will not fail in making blogging as your business.

If you think, your blog is sailing towards the failure bank then make sure that you do not make these following mistakes:

#1. Not Understanding the Difference between a Blog and a Website

  • There are a number of differences between a blog and a website.
  • A website is more of a static and formal place where you tell your people of the basics of your company and your organization, with updates being occasionally, when there is a real big need.
  • Unlikely, while blogging you will find yourself updating if not on a daily basis but will be periodically updating your blog and will overcome the obstacles, which are time, testing your patience.
  • Blogging is like book keeping or making entry into the journal that you call this as a web log wherein you keep posting updates on your niche areas regularly and periodically.
  • So keep in mind while blogging you post blogs at least once in a week, even if not on a daily basis.
  • So if your posting frequency is not regular then your blog will turn out into a site.
  • I have the habit of posting at least 2 times a week in my Medifast discounts and Nutrisystem coupons blog as I do not want to turn my blog into a site.

blog vs website 550x374 6 Reasons Why Your Blog May be Destined for Failure

#2. Not enjoying the niche

  • If you are not going to blog in your niche area, but blog in a area that is popular and for the sake of Traffic you will find yourself not enjoying your work and may not be putting your full effort for being successful.
  • However, if you could learn to develop passion, in niche or thrust areas then you are sure to have a green flag for a successful blog. So do enjoy your niche and blog, if not don’t do.

bored kids 6 Reasons Why Your Blog May be Destined for Failure

#3. Failure to Plan

Well, while blogging this is very important, when you create a blog plan well right from the scratch. Ask the following questions to yourself:

  • What kind of design I want?
  • Why I want to blog?
  • How am I going to blog?
  • How frequent I will be posting in my blog?
  • What am I going to blog?
  • What do I foresee for my blog?

If you are not asking these questions to yourself then make sure you will face failure one day for sure. Always, Make short term plans to reach your long-term goals.

blog failed 6 Reasons Why Your Blog May be Destined for Failure

#4. Too many ads

  • Even when you are blogging for money, do not give room for too many ads, as this in turn by itself will doom your blog to nothing.
  • Some of the things that you should avoid and take care are that you should not be having ads dominating your blogs, see that the contents and social media buttons are more visible than your ads, pop-up ad share also quite daunting and this will make you lose visitors.
  • Keep ads to the minimum to make the maximum out of these ads.

#5. No About Me/Us page

  • No one in the blogging and the virtual world knows your plus and minus, except for those limited friends, but if you want more people to visit your blog and know more about you then have an About Me/Us Page.
  • This will make your readers believe what you say and this will help you to justify yourself and your blog significantly.

aboutus 6 Reasons Why Your Blog May be Destined for Failure

#6. No Option to comment

  • Other than the About me page, encourage your readers to share their views and opinions on your blog.
  • This way you are making your blog interactive and more attractive as well.
  • Receiving comments are like receiving personal feedback on your blog so never ever block it.
  • Always have the options to post comments in all your posts as that will create a good community as well.
  • Without comments, your blog will become a website again.

If I have missed anything then do add it via comments!! Comments are always appreciated!!

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