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Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Count? The best ways!

via Gadget Cage by Amit Bhawani on 2/27/11

If you are having your own blog or an website then Facebook is a great place wherein you can capitalize on the Facebook friends so as to market your blog or a website. It’s evident that at the start you will not be getting a huge response straightaway unless and until you market a renowned brand, but what if you are a starter and wishes to build a Facebook page, so let’s check out 5 effective ways with which you will be able to increase the Facebook fans.

facebook fan How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Count? The best ways!

So, in this article we are going to deal with ways to Increase Facebook Fans for Effective Marketing of our Brand!

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#1. Promote Facebook Fanpage

  • There are many options in the Facebook with which you can choose one of them and can promote them by using the Facebook services.
  • All you will have to do is to simply promote your Fanpage as an ad after which your Fanpage too will be advertised in the Facebook, generally these ads are placed on the right hand side of the Facebook Fanpage.
  • Also, with the Facebook ad campaigning, you can look out some interesting stats like age groups/locations/demographics have the lowest CPC and best CTR can be viewed so that accordingly you can optimize the content so that this one reaches the right set of target group.
  • Also, with the ad, you can create multiple ad versions to test the same and choose from the best images to make the ad.

promoting facebook fan page How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Count? The best ways!

#2. Facebook Like button

  • In your blog or a website make sure that you have loaded the Facebook social plugin so that users can directly share about the same right from the website.
  • For this you need to just install the social plugin on your blog.

facebook like button How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Count? The best ways!

#3. Ask Your Friends and Link to Popular Sites

  • Probably you will have to start gathering the followers right from the count zero followers as you need to make efforts in marketing as well as at the same time you would want to rope in your friends to “Like” the Facebook fan page. Or else what you can do is just visit your page and click on the “Suggest to friends” link under the profile picture on your page.
  • A pop up box will then appear that asks you to select which friends should get your invitation, and you’ll also have an opportunity to write a message.
  • Additionally what you can do is to link to the popular sites of similar genre or the sites which are of similar nature in the Facebook.
  • All you need to do is to link to the delisted from the Facebook page and then you may receive the link from the delisted back to your main site, in this process not only you will get the traffic but also some of this may get converted in becoming the Facebook fans.

asking friends and Link to Popular Sites How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Count? The best ways!

#4. Link Building and Optimization

  • Link building again holds the key in optimizing the feedback from the Facebook as with more the number of high quality links to the site, such kinds are more likely to be appeared with the search engines.
  • With specific keywords and selected content you can easily build the links which leads to the optimization of Facebook fan page which in turn increases the page ranking of the website.

13 12 Link Building1 How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Count? The best ways!

#5. Try to tease the user

  • Always try to tease the user, like unless and until a user doesn’t click in the “Like” button he will not be shown with the content what’s in the fan page inside.
  • You can also tempt the users with some freebies or goodies. This also helps you in a way to protect the content as unless and until the user doesn’t “Like” the fan page he will not be shown the content.

There 5 above discussed Techniques were considered as effective ways to Increase Facebook Fans and if you have any ideas regarding How to Increase Facebook Fans, post your views in the comment section below.

Amit Bhawani is a professional blogger, and a web-hosting adviser at the best web hosting reviews site. You can check out the different linux hosting websites to compare the best hosts in that field.

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