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Saturday, March 5, 2011

SEO Tips for 2011 to Survive Google’s Update

via Gadget Cage by Om Thoke on 3/4/11

black hat seo 300x253 SEO Tips for 2011 to Survive Google’s Update2011 has started dramatically as Larry Page became new CEO of Google few weeks back, and there have been plenty of major developments already.

Recently, Google declared war against content farms, and they’ve decided to take down the low quality sites, and bring about a major change in search engine rankings.

Google declared that there have been changes in SERP rankings of 11.8% websites in US already, but the change hasn’t yet propagated outside U.S.

So, in such cases it has become really important to make sure that you DON’T use any plagiarized content on your site/blog. The sites that have been pulling out content from free article directories (even by properly crediting the sources) are not really going to survive too long after this update.

More so, even big communities like eHow are going to be affected with this update (though Google hasn’t officially given a word on it, but personally I’ve observed in dip in rankings of several eHow articles already!).

Furthermore, it’ll be extremely important to ensure that your site doesn’t look spammy, even if you don’t create content farms deliberately, and content is really going to be the king more than ever before!

If you’ve blogs with lots of pictures galleries (like my blog hottest bollywood pictures), then you need to be careful to add enough content that Google doesn’t pick it as a spammy site giving poor user experience.

On the flip side, if you’ve got sites that don’t have enough text in terms of sentences, but rather just code snippets like this blog that provides c++ programming help, you’ll still have to ensure that you give intro, and add comments to give the best possible user experience.

On the whole, any site that doesn’t provide enough content, will be taken down with this Google update, and far worse, if any users flag your blog using Google Chrome’s browser extension, Google may also take it down!

So, it’s time to worry about the content and overall user experience of your blog, rather than stuffing keywords, and playing with the meta keywords of your blog posts.

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