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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Atom Processors Move Intel Into New Markets

Amid falling PC sales, Intel is moving into new markets with four new Atom processors and two control hub chips for embedded applications like media phones. Intel also moved to compete with ARM through an agreement with TSMC to produce customized Atom designs. The TSMC deal and Intel's growth should ease capacity problems.

Intel has taken the wraps off four new Atom processors and two control hub chips for use in low-power embedded applications. It also announced a new memorandum of understanding under which customers of Taiwan-based chip foundry TSMC eventually will be able to produce customized Atom designs for embedded applications using TSMC's processes, IP, libraries and design flows.

"Its a bold move" that opens the door for Intel to become active in new markets, while "maintaining full control over the process" and "who we sell to," said Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney during a conference call with financial analysts. "I believe as we look forward to the next three to four years, more and more customers will need to embed full PC functionality into their devices," Maloney said.

By Mark Long

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