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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Google Slashes About 200 Jobs in Sales and Marketing

Google has slashed about 200 more jobs, this time in sales and marketing. Vice President Omid Kordestani admitted to staffing mistakes as Google grew rapidly by acquiring other companies. In January, Google reassigned engineers and let 100 recruiters go. Since 2001, Google has acquired 53 companies, and continued buying last year.

Google has announced another round of layoffs, this time for about 200 people in sales and marketing. The move comes two months after the search giant said it would scale back hiring of recruiters.

"Just under 200 were affected with about half those working in North America," said Matt Furman, a Google spokesperson. "Everyone affected was told yesterday. Each person will be given a chance to find another job at Google and if they can't or they choose to leave, they will be given severance."

The company also offered the affected employees outplacement support.

By Patricia Resende

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