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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nintendo's Third-Generation DSi Is Expected in April

The Nintendo DSi handheld video-game device is expected in North America on April 5. The third edition of Nintendo's DS features two cameras, a microphone and an interactive music player. At $169.99, the Nintendo DSi will have only two colors -- black and blue, and a Nintendo DSi Shop will allow users to download new applications.

Nintendo's newest handheld video-game device is expected to hit the North American market on April 5. The DSi is the third edition of Nintendo's DS.

The DSi features two digital cameras -- one on the outside of the device and the other inside when it's flipped open. The cameras include 10 interactive lenses.

Along with the cameras, Nintendo also included a built-in microphone for its DSi Sound feature to record a user's voice. Also included is a music player that allows users to interact with the music by controlling the pitch and speed of music files.

The Nintendo DSi costs $169.99 and is available in only two colors -- black and blue.

By Patricia Resende

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