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Thursday, October 21, 2010

iPad Gets Some Competition

Tablet computers are all the rage, offering users an easy way to access the Internet. The iPad set the standard for tablet computers, but now its competitors are positioning themselves as new and different. While Samsung, RIM and Dell have focused on mobility with their small displays, the WeTab has decided to go big, or bigger than the iPad.

When it first appeared, the iPad set the standard for tablet computers. But now the first challengers are appearing on the market, offering different sizes and operating systems.

As it turns out, those are exactly the two features consumers who like the keyboard-free devices should be looking at.

Tablet computers seem to have taken the world by storm, probably because they offer such an easy way to access the Internet. But the newer models all have their own pros and cons.

"The iPad is great," says Sophia Kim of Samsung, a Korean-based company. "But our device is different."

The Galaxy Tab has a 7-inch diagonal screen and weighs in at 380 grams, making it significantly smaller than the iPad's 9.7-inch display and 680 grams. As an added bonus, people can telephone with the Galaxy Tab, although that's best done with a Bluetooth headset.

By Peter Zschunke

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